Why You Need A REALTOR®

Allen has worked as a builder’s model home salesperson for over 5 years and he is very knowledgeable in the process of selling new construction homes. The model homes salesperson works for the builder. Their job is to sell you a home and facilitate the process until closing. There are many wonderful builder salespeople in the model homes market and Allen knows a few stand outs with each builder, but make no mistake, YOU NEED YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVE!

When you visit the model home, simply let them know Allen is your real estate agent. This will do a few things….first, it will reduce the pressure sometimes placed on buyers. This helps the model home salesperson in setting a respectable boundary since they will know the REALTOR® relationship exists. And second, with Allen’s as your agent, you will be well taken care of by the salesperson.

Another benefit of using Allen is that he will always be there to help you, even years after the sale. He recently helped his former client, Jennifer, with a builder issue that was going unresolved. Click on her video here to see how Allen helped her well after the sale.